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Alan Walker & Ruben – Heading Home (Official Music Video)

Walkers! I’m extremely excited to finally release Heading Home! It’s a very special song for me, because I first started working on it right after releasing Faded. I’ve performed it live a couple times, but never released it anywhere – until now! The extremely talented Norwegian artist @Ruben has joined me on this one, he’s amazing!

This music video is the final chapter in the World of Walker trilogy. Let me know what you think of it in the comment section below!

- Alan

Check out the song here: https://lnk.to/AWHeadingHome
& the LIVE performance here: https://youtu.be/cYxAr_NZF9E

Also, here's chapter 1 and 2 of the World of Walker trilogy so you can follow from the beginning:
// On My Way ft. @Sabrina Carpenter & @Farruko : https://youtu.be/dhYOPzcsbGM //

// Alone pt. II ft. @Ava Max: https://youtu.be/HhjHYkPQ8F0 //

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// LYRICS // Alan Walker & Ruben - Heading Home // LYRICS //

[Verse 1]
I was so insatiable
Till the lights came on and the stories got old
Now there’s no one here I know
And the city outside`s not the same anymore

And I
I remember when we were young
We`d write our names in the sand
So carelessly
Then the rain came and yours was gone
And now mine it stands alone

Nobody sees me now I’m a one man show
I`ll do this on my own
We knew it all then now this is all I know
Guess I’m heading home now

[Verse 2]
When the music always played
With the sound of our lives and the sweetest escape
And the neighbours would complain
We would turn it up louder who cares anyway
Coz we

We remembered that we were young
Our lives were grains in the sand
That we
Made our castles and kingdoms of
Now the waves have torn them down

Nobody sees me now I’m a one man show
I`ll do this on my own
We knew it all then now this is all I know
Guess I’m heading home now

You’ll find me
I’ll be here
I can see
I can breathe, anymore

how could we have stayed
you were high on love I was drunk on the pain

Guess I am heading Home
I am heading Home
Yeah yeah ..
Guess I am heading home now


Check out all of the World of Walker videos here, from Faded to Heading Home: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYT4vq6pQVSvfGdP3MdKZegD8Ub_0pqPS

Also, check out my BTS videos on the Unmasked Vlog here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYT4vq6pQVSv_jFjvsMuxr6poP4yBU0VE


*Walker #28300*
- Susanne Karin Moe

*Main Crew*
- Director: Kristian Berg
- Executive Producer: Mikkel Gulliksen (Bleck Film)
- Concept: Kristian Berg & MER Content
- DOP: Morten Forsberg
- DOP (Château de Fontainebleau): Jakob Ingason
- Focus Puller: Vi Duc Truong
- Editor: Mads Neset
- Production Coordinator: Stine Gundersen
- Production Designer: Kristian Vestby
- Costume Designer: Elise Nohr Nystad
- Behind the Scenes: Annicken Aasheim
- VFX Producer: Eirik Heldal (Apparat)
- VFX Lead Artist: Wirat Johannessen (Apparat)
- VFX Artist: Lasse Michelsen (Apparat)
- VFX Artist: Erik Ferguson
- Color Grading: Thomas Mangham (The Mill)
- Sound Design: James Njie

*Local Crew – Cambodia*
- Local Fixer: Ouk Chan Bophay
- Prod-Department: Thank Rathany
- Prod-Assistant: Heng Art
- Make-up: Much
- Hair Dresser: Poy
- PA - Catering: Tathanak
- PA: Chan Tha
- Equipment - PP: Benny

A special thanks to all the extras!

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